3D Designer

The project represents an adidas digital environment case study.

With this task I have tried my best to approach the young consumer through his/her codes and grow adidas digital limits to a new environment of culture, sport, art, fashion and design.

I’ve redesigned two main screens for the web (Home and Product) to show how it could be updated. And two brand-new apps, the first one to shop and engage with creators, and the second a tool that uses Augmented Reality to bring products life in a new way.
In my opinion Generation Z wants a lot of imagery that feel true to them, even if there’s a big brand behind it. They want to rely on brands to show their style and connect with communities.

In this case study, the brand should create more places and contents that consumers feel familiar with (like in social networks) and extensive investment in exclusive contents and real reasons to ‘join the brand’ should be projected.

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