3D Designer

This project consists in an interactive installation that pretends to shed some light about ambiguous topics in the Net while exploring the Deep Web.

It aims to meditate about the Dark Net, what it represents and what is developed there whilst establishing links with the rights of the contemporary Internet users. Creating a threat that examines the meaning of concepts such as anonymity, privacy and control during the modern history and its equivalence today.
The Deep Web is the starting point from where include the wider issues that articulate actual societies.

Formalized in an installation that aims to become a didactic document for the general public and some sort of complex ideas and relationships that rule the Internet (and beyond).

The installation consists in a notebook in which some abstract shapes have been printed. These are the base where the video projection is mapped. The images are born and the different stories start. There are two modes of visualization, the ‘Surface Mode’ and the ‘Deep Mode’, the first tells the surface of the su bjects and the second talks about deep knowledge.